Tactical Expertise and Physical Fitness

The fourth day of the UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 featured the highly anticipated Tower Event, where teams had to climb a tower carrying heavy gear. After a gruelling competition, the top three winning teams have been announced.

In first place is the Russian VITYAZ SWAT team, with a combined time of 02:58.56 minutes who earned a total of 55 points. The team displayed exceptional teamwork, physical fitness, and tactical knowledge to secure their victory in the Tower Event.

Coming in second place is the Russian AKHMAT SWAT team, with a combined time of 03:04.00 minutes with 54 points. The team demonstrated excellent endurance and technical skills, making them a formidable competitor throughout the competition.

In third place is the Russian SOBR SWAT team, with a combined time of 03:04.48 minutes with a total of 53 points. The team exhibited incredible strength and perseverance, impressing both the judges and the audience.

The Tower Event was one of the most challenging events in the UAE SWAT Challenge 2023, requiring teams to work together effectively to overcome the obstacles and complete the task.

The UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 is a world-class event that brings together some of the best tactical teams from around the world. The competition aims to showcase the skills and capabilities of these elite units and provide a platform for knowledge sharing and networking.

For more information on the UAE SWAT Challenge, visit www.swat.dubaipolice.gov.ae