Event Overview

Event 1: Tactical Event

The Tactical Event is a lighting fast, six(6) member event that demands a high level of team communication & marksmanship to beat the clock. Quick thinking & movement will win the day in this Event.

Event 2: Assault Event

Consisting of a five(5) member team, the Assault Event will see teams overcoming obstacles, breaching doors, use of multiple weapon systems & carrying rescue dummies all while breathing heavy in a Gas mask.

Event 3: Officer Rescue

A team of five(5) will start this Event but one will be carried back. Traverse lines, long distances, difficult targets, obstacles & heavy objects. The Officer Rescue promises to test team’s stress shooting skills to the limit.

Event 4: Tower Event

All magazines loaded & ropes ready as a five(5) member team attacks an Event stretching the entire field. Obstacles, rappelling, tower shooting & banks of targets. The Tower Event is a Shooter’s paradise that will demand absolute speed & accuracy to take top honors.

Event 5: Obstacle Course

Easy to complete, easy to fail. A five(5) member team attempts to finish the final Event of the Challenge. Consisting of nineteen(19) obstacles, the Obstacle Course promises to test your physical & mental fitness.

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