Dubai Police Dominates UAE SWAT Challenge 2023

The second day of the UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 came to an exciting close with the highly anticipated Assault Event. The event tested the speed, accuracy, and teamwork of the participating SWAT teams, who competed fiercely against one another to secure a spot at the top of the leaderboard.

Despite the challenging obstacles and tasks, the teams exhibited impressive skills and professionalism throughout the event. The audience watched in awe as the SWAT teams executed each mission step with precision and efficiency, showcasing their expertise and experience.

The event was attended by several senior officers and officials, including the Dubai Police Commander-in-chief, His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, who expressed his admiration for the participating teams and their remarkable performance. He also commended the event organizers for their efforts in bringing together the world’s top SWAT teams to compete in this prestigious competition.

After a gruelling battle, the winners of the Assault Event were announced. The top three teams emerged victorious as follows:

• First place: The Dubai Police Team (B) from the United Arab Emirates with 55 points
• Second place: The SOBR Team from the Republic of Serbia with 54 points
• Third place: The Abu Dhabi Police Team (A) from the United Arab Emirates with 53 points.

The UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 continues to impress audiences and participants alike, showcasing the world-class skills and capabilities of the participating SWAT teams. The event serves as a reminder of the importance of well-trained and highly skilled law enforcement personnel in ensuring the safety and security of communities worldwide.

The Future of SWAT Forces

The second day of the UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 also say the Dubai Police General Command, through the Department of VIPs Security and Protection in the General Department of Organisations Protective Security and Emergency, hosting a dialogue session on the future of joint security cooperation for the SWAT forces. The event saw the participation of 24 national, regional and international police and security agencies.

According to Colonel Issa Ahli, Director of the VIPs Security and Protection Department, the session reflects Dubai Police’s commitment to looking ahead and addressing future security challenges, especially in the area of tactical teams and raids. The dialogue session aimed to generate fresh ideas for all types of SWAT operations in the field and explore the latest modern technologies, such as drone systems, modern weapons, clothing, and more.

The session included discussions on modern technologies and technical skills that must be developed by all tactical teams, types of field SWAT operations, and modern negotiation mechanisms, among other topics.