The UAE SWAT Challenge 2024, now in its fifth edition, commenced with a spectacular display of
fireworks and a massive public turnout at the Al Ruwayyah Training City in Dubai.

The challenge was officially inaugurated in the presence of His Excellency Lieutenant General Abdullah
Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, and His Excellency Omran Sharaf, Assistant
Minister of Foreign Affairs for Advanced Science and Technology, alongside His Excellency Saeed
Hareb, Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council, senior officers, diplomatic mission heads, and
tactical team leaders from across the globe.

Opening Ceremony: Inspiring Unity and Excellence

The ceremony commenced with the national anthem of the United Arab Emirates, performed by the
Dubai Police band, followed by a powerful address from Dubai Police underscoring the significance of
global collaboration in elevating tactical responses to security challenges worldwide.

“Today marks a gathering of the world’s finest in a quest for excellence, safety, and the pursuit of
unparalleled skill,” Dubai Police highlighted, inspiring participants and onlookers with a message of
solidarity and ambition.

The ceremony ended with a bang of fireworks that delighted the audience and guests.

Day 1: The Tactical Competition

Following the opening ceremony, the first competition, “The Tactical Event,” got underway. This event
requires six members from each team to achieve the highest level of seamless coordination and the
ability to engage targets with precision shooting while overcoming time constraints.

Five Days of Adrenaline-filled Events

Over the next four days, teams will face challenges in obstacle courses, officer rescue missions, tower
events, and assault competitions, each demanding tactical strategies, physical capabilities, and
skilfulness to accumulate points.
$ 260,000 to Grab

Teams will compete for challenge prizes totalling $260,000, distributed daily to the top three teams, and
awards for the overall leaders at the challenge’s conclusion.

Open to the Public

It is worth noting that this year’s edition of the UAE SWAT Challenge is open to the public, who can
conveniently get free entry tickets on the Dubai Platinum List website and Virgin Megastores.
Spectators will have the opportunity to indulge in various cuisines offered by different restaurants,
explore sports and products, and other items showcased by the challenge’s partners.

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