Dubai Police Team B Clinches Victory in Assault Event  

The excitement continued to build on the second day of the UAE Swat Challenge, a premier tactical five-day competition that has captured the attention of enthusiasts and professionals alike. Hosted at a specially designed venue of the Al Ruwayyah Training City in Dubai, the event has become a thrilling showcase of skill, precision, and teamwork in the world of SWAT operations. 

Assault Event Highlights

Day 2 of the UAE SWAT Challenge saw the Assault Event that challenged participating teams with a series of demanding scenarios, testing their strategic, physical, and teamwork capabilities. Teams navigated complex obstacle courses, executed precision shooting, and demonstrated rapid decision-making under pressure, embodying the spirit of excellence that the UAE Swat Challenge represents.

Day 2 Winners

The competition was fierce, but Dubai Police’s Team B emerged victorious, setting new standards of tactical performance.

First Place: Dubai Police Team B achieved a remarkable victory with a score of 73 and a time of 01:49.60, showcasing exceptional precision and teamwork.

Second Place: The KALKAN team, representing Kyrgyzstan, displayed outstanding skills, securing their position with a score of 72 and a time of 01:50.56.

Third Place: Hailing from Belarus, the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit ALMAZ demonstrated commendable resilience and strategy, earning their place with a score of 71 and a time of 01:51.62.

Awards Ceremony 

The awards ceremony was a highlight of the day, with His Excellency Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commandant for Operations Affairs at Dubai Police, honouring the winners.