Maitha Seif: The Sole Female Judge Among 30 International Judges at the UAE SWAT Challenge 2024

Lieutenant Maitha Mohammed Seif, a distinguished officer of the Dubai Police and a certified judge with the Emirates Shooting Association, has marked her presence as the only female judge in a panel of 30 international judges at the UAE SWAT Challenge 2024. 

Seif has earned acclaim and respect from her fellow judges and participants, demonstrating unmatched precision and responsibility in her role.

A Sharpshooter Since 2000 

Joining the Dubai Police in 2000, Lieutenant Maitha Mohammed Seif began her career in the VIP Protection Unit within the General Department of Organisation Protective Security and Emergencies. Her journey in sharpshooting, starting from target shooting, has seen her evolve into a specialist in the field.

With numerous shooting competitions under her belt, Dubai Police has been instrumental in honing her skills, propelling her to the highest levels of proficiency.

Seif credits her passion for shooting sports to the opportunities and training provided by the Dubai Police. Her dedication has seen her rise through the ranks, from the Dubai Police shooting team to the UAE national shooting team, over 15 years, achieving numerous milestones along the way.

Venturing into Judging

With her shooting prowess firmly established, Lieutenant Maitha Seif set her sights on further achievements by venturing into judging. Undertaking various courses, including a shooting instructor course in South Africa in 2015 and specialised training sponsored by the Ministry of Interior and conducted by Dubai Police, Seif transitioned into her role as a judge.

The UAE SWAT Challenge Experience

Since her debut in the 2020 edition of the UAE SWAT Challenge, Lieutenant Seif has proven her mettle as a judge. Her experience in the competition has enriched her expertise, emphasising the importance of readiness, focus, overcoming fear, and maintaining precision—all crucial for ensuring fairness and transparency in highly regarded international events.

Seif is committed to maintaining physical fitness and mental agility, essential attributes for any judge to perform effectively in the field. Her meticulous adherence to competition rules and regulations, coupled with a keen focus on participant safety, underscores her professionalism.

UAE Women Empowerment

Expressing gratitude for the support and confidence granted to her by the Dubai Police, Lieutenant Maitha Seif is proud to represent Emirati women in the field of sports judging.