Register a Team

UAE SWAT Challenge Information & Registration Guidelines 2025

Team Requirements

1. Eligibility of Team Members:

– Every member of a competing team must be a sworn law enforcement, military, or corrections officer.

– They should be part of their registered agency’s response team (e.g., SWAT, ERT, SRT).

2.Team Composition and Participation:

– A maximum of eight members (including the Team Leader) can register as a competing team.

– These eight members can alternate for different events.
– A team will be disqualified in each event, that they cannot field the appropriate number of members at the start.

3. Team Member Replacement Policy:

– To replace a team member, inform the UAE SWAT Challenge Team via email with the new member’s details and those of the member being replaced.
– No replacements will be accepted once the Event 1 has started on February 1, 2025.
– Teams must complete all events with the registered roster members only.

4. Skills and Qualifications:

– Team members must be skilled and qualified in the following:
– Safe handling and use of small arms and ammunition.
– Rope work and rappelling.
– Safe handling and use of mechanical breaching equipment.
– Medical and physical fitness.

5. Cold Range Rules (January 25 – February 5. 2025): 

– Competitors must adhere to the Cold Range rules at the Range events.
– No competitor, visitor, or attendee may carry firearms or ammunition outside designated Range areas.
– Range Safety Officers will oversee weapon handling during courses and ensure proper unloading of weapons before teams exit competition areas. This applies to all practice sessions and mandatory team events.

Each “competing team” member must be a sworn law enforcement, military or corrections officer, and a member of the registered agency’s response team (SWAT, ERT, SRT, etc.).
“Competing team” refers to all team members who are registered and eligible to compete in the team events during the UAE SWAT Challenge. Event 1(Tactical Event) will require six(6) members where only five(5) members are required for the remaining four(4) mandatory team events. Up to eight[8(Which includes the Team Leader)] members may register as competing team. These eight(8) members may alternate on any given team event. If any team does not have six(6) members to compete in Event 1 or five(5) members to compete in any other given team event, that team will be disqualified from each event they are unable to participate in.
If a team member has to be replaced, please inform the UAE SWAT Challenge Team via email with the details of the new member and the details of the member being replaced. Please take note that once the Global Tactical Operations Seminar has started on the 2nd of February 2024, no replacements will be accepted. Teams will have to complete all team events with only the registered members on the roster.
Members in a registered team, must possess & be qualified with the following in order to compete in the UAE SWAT Challenge:

UAE SWAT Challenge competitors who will attend events at the Range from January 25 – February 5, 2025 must abide by the “Cold Range” rules, which include the following:

Minimum Equipment and ammunition list for team events



Weapons and Gear Assistance

The UAE SWAT Challenge Team will provide basic iron sighted handguns, submachine guns, optically sighted precision rifles & applicable ammunition quantities for use by all teams during team events. The UAE SWAT Challenge Team will also provide all necessary gear needed to complete all team events. This assistance should eliminate the necessity for international teams to coordinate with their country or the UAE for shipment of weapons and ammunition should they choose not to bring their own weapons or gear.